“My Story” – meet Kiersten Parsons Hathcock

“If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple: know what you are doing, love what you are doing and believe in what you are doing”

Will Rogers

There are times in life when events occur and develop by chance in a happy and beneficial way. This is called “Serendipity”, and this is what happened to me when I first met this amazing woman: Mrs Kiersten Parsons Hathcock. She is a self-taught carpenter, furniture designer, founder of Mod Mom Furniture, intuitive healer, medium, child advocate and so much more.

Words will never be able to describe what her beautiful soul is capable of. I feel truly blessed having the opportunity to know someone just by chance and suddenly feel so much admiration for her works and for the beautiful human being she is.


Kiersten Parsons Hathcock at ABC’s “Shark Tank”

A few days ago I asked Kiersten to please share her life and career experiences, and here is what she kindly told me:

“Thank you, Luisa, for inviting me to share my story. It’s a story of intuition and faith, and fighting through fear and doubt to make the life that was meant for me. 

After graduating from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications in 1995, I spent the first ten years of my career in training and education, and in marketing roles for technology, healthcare, and entertainment corporations.

​I left a marketing career with A&E and The History Channel in 2003 to spend more time with my kids. While home, I spent time doing freelance marketing as well as nanny work to help make ends meet. I was missing my creative outlet—a big part of who I had always been. I realized I needed to figure out how to bring in money, but also incorporate hands-on creativity. It became clear to me in 2006, that there was a need in the marketplace for modern kids furniture.  After doing research and discovering only two companies sold modern style toy boxes, I set out to fill a void, incorporate imagination and creativity, and help pay bills at the same time.

I founded Mod Mom Furniture in 2006 while teaching myself to build furniture and handling all aspects of ownership from logo design to accounting to construction. At first, everyone around me thought I was nuts, but the quiet voice inside made me have faith in myself and this idea. For three and a half years, I built everything—approximately 400 toy boxes—in my four hundred square foot garage until 2011 when I partnered with a manufacturer in Ohio.  

 As Mod Mom expanded globally, I realized that by trusting my intuition, I was following a guided life path. I continued to strengthen my belief in my intuition, as my sensitivity to all we can’t see expanded. 

Mod Mom Furniture continued to be featured in magazines, TV shows like Shark Tank and The Nate Berkus Show, and modern design books and is being purchased by families, celebrities, and interior designers from around the globe.  

This January, we signed a North American licensing deal with a US-based company, Little Colorado.  The thirty-year-old toddler furniture company will produce and distribute new and existing Mod Mom designs throughout North American—both online through retailers like Amazon.com and in brick and mortar stores. 

Since starting Mod Mom over ten years ago, I have grown so much as a person and an entrepreneur. The ride has been anything but smooth, but at every turn, lessons were learned that helped me get where I am today.   

The biggest takeaway I’ve learned through it all is to always trust your own intuition, even if you are putting faith in something that seems completely illogical. Be smart, do your homework, and listen to others, but don’t follow the crowd if it feels like by doing so, you’re going against your own intuition. 

You’ve got everything you need inside of you. Turns out, going from corporate to carpentry—traveling my own sawdust-covered yellow-brick road—is one of many gifts in my life.  I just had to believe

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kiersten, it has been a honour to me!


Here is a short photo selection of the toy boxes Kiersten created over the years. For further information please check her website, blog, Linkedin, FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts.


Thank you so much for following,


4 thoughts on ““My Story” – meet Kiersten Parsons Hathcock

    1. Lots of love to you my dearest friend! I am and forever will be grateful for those Serendipities which brought us to meet. You are teaching me to always trust my intuitions and feelings and I will never be grateful enough. Forever by your side, Luisa


    1. So true!!! Definetely!!! Kiersten is a real gem and she is teaching me a lot every single day! Thank you so much for your comment Francesco!


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